Dust Busters Mobile

Where are we?

Dust Busters Mobile Inc. Is located and operates within Oakville Ontario. Founded in 2017, we specialize in providing high quality antibacterial cleaning all while being mobile. Through our services we are committed in achieving the highest in customer satisfaction. As well, we proudly serve green-certified and environmental-friendly products.

What we do

Our company focuses on commercial antibacterial cleaning, from office buildings to your personal vehicle, Dust Busters has you covered! Our staff prioritizes professionalism and is constantly mobile, meaning we come to you! We are the first company in Oakville that utilizes steam cleaning together with our mobile service.


We believe that the ongoing cleaning approaches are not hygienic and are not defined specifically for you, to save you time during your busy schedule and to increase your quality of life. We believe that with our antibacterial cleaning service, you will be able to spend more quality and longer time with your loved ones.


As a company, we determine our cleaning standards according to international quality standards
and take responsibility for a sustainable future with our environmentally-conscious approach. We need a minimum amount of chemicals with our steam machine equipment. We also supply all the materials we use in an environmentally-conscious manner and dispose of them in a way that does not harm the environment after usage.


You can call our trained and friendly staff who respect your personal space, to come at any time which is most convenient for you. While our team gives you this experience with our latest model vehicles and antibacterial devices, you can spend a peaceful time with your loved ones. You can report your requests and complaints by giving feedback to the report that occurs at the end of the cleaning. Your 100% happiness is our policy that we will not compromise. As dust busters, we offer antibacterial cleaning services to your car, your home, your business, briefly in every area of your life with innovative approaches and we wish you a healthier day.