Car Cleaning Services

Did you know that your car can harbor more bacteria than a public restroom? Dust Busters Mobile is here to save the day. Our specialized antibacterial cleaning services eliminate 99.9% of germs, ensuring a healthier driving experience for you and your passengers. With our meticulous attention to detail and personalized care, we bring convenience and top-quality service right to your doorstep.

Services Provided

  • Antibacterial Interior Cleaning: Our team will perform a thorough cleaning and sanitization of your car’s dashboard, center console, door panels, and other hard surfaces. Using advanced techniques and specially formulated products, we ensure that your car’s interior is free from dirt, germs, and stains.
  • Exterior Cleaning: We offer comprehensive cleaning for every part of your vehicle. From the top to the front, sides, and back, our team will utilize pressure washing, surface treatment, and towel drying techniques to restore the shine and cleanliness of your car’s exterior.
  • Tire and Rim Cleaning: Let us take care of your tires and rims. Our professional cleaning and restoration techniques will enhance the overall appearance of your car, giving it a fresh and polished look.
  • Window Cleaning: Enjoy crystal clear visibility with our meticulous window cleaning service. We focus on cleaning the inside of your car’s windows, ensuring optimal clarity for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Complimentary Services

  • Seat Protection: As part of our commitment to providing exceptional care for your vehicle, we offer complimentary seat protection. For leather seats, we apply a protective solution to keep them looking pristine and to prevent damage from UV rays. For non-leather seats, we apply a suitable solution to ensure they remain clean and well-maintained.
  • Quick Wax Application: To further enhance the appearance and protection of your car, we provide a complimentary quick wax application. Our team will apply a high-quality wax to your vehicle’s exterior, creating a protective layer that adds shine and helps guard against dirt and UV damage.

Please note that Dust Busters Mobile specializes in thorough car cleaning and sanitization. While we strive to provide exceptional service, please be aware that we are not a detailing service that offers extensive cosmetic enhancements or repairs.

Experience the Dust Busters Mobile difference today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier car, dustified to perfection.